In-Home Personal Training for Youth, Kids & Teens

As parents, we all know how important it is for our children to engage in activities that will enhance their lives, promote a positive body image and empower them to feel confident, healthy and be happy. With an experienced Body Fit Personal Trainer, your son or daughter will have a positive role model to guide him or her in becoming more active while developing higher self confidence and a love for fitness.

10 Benefits of Youth Exercise

  1. Higher self-esteem
  2. More energy
  3. Increased academic performance and concentration in the classroom
  4. Able to handle emotional challenges better
  5. Lowered risk of drug/alcohol use as a teenager
  6. Encourages lifelong love and appreciation for health and fitness which reduces the likelihood of being overweight or obese in adulthood
  7. Better mood
  8. Better sleep quality
  9. Improved brain function
  10. Of course, helps maintain a healthy body weight

We will work closely with you and your child/teen throughout his or her exercise program developing a tailored plan that is fun, energetic and full of exercises, and activities that are challenging and enjoyable.

Youth personal training is different from personal training as an adult in that we do not place a major emphasis on measurements, body fat, the number on the scale or caloric intake. Growing up is hard. We’ve all been there. Instead, we like to emphasize the importance of staying active, proper nutrition, adequate sleep and feeling comfortable in your own skin!

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