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Body Fit is proud to serve St. Louis with private in-home personal training for women desiring healthier, happier and physically fit lives. Whether you are looking to lose weight and increase lean muscle, or gain energy and a positive outlook on life, your goal is important and attainable. Body Fit is designed for clients at any fitness level, from any background, with any objective. Striving to provide the ultimate personal training experience encompassing all areas of fitness is our primary goal. What's yours?


What to Look For When Hiring a Personal Trainer

The idea of having a personal trainer has really exploded over the past decade. Preventative health is on the rise and so is the desire to be slim, toned, and active. There are many factors to consider when it comes to finding a personal trainer who is perfect for you. This CAN BE a pricey service after all. Here's what think about and look for...

Your candidate must be a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). There are a great deal of companies who employ "fitness specialists" or "fitness consultants". This is a sneaky way of not having to say "Certified Personal Trainer" and these trainers have not gone through a rigorous certification process by a nationally accredited organization in order to maintain the CPT title. A degree in a fitness related field (Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, etc.) is ALWAYS a plus as well.

Make sure you are able to meet with a health and fitness professional before you seal the deal. During this meeting, he or she should be very interested in your goals, wants and needs. Be honest and say what you are looking for in a trainer.

Does the trainer you are interested in have previous training experience? Because people are unique, It is great to find a trainer who has observed a diverse clientele. If you have or have had a musculoskeletal injury or chronic pain, this may be especially important for you to look into.

Do you prefer a female or a male personal trainer? Will you feel comfortable working closely with a member of the opposite sex? This is personal preference sort of thing but is definitely something to think about.

Scheduling is very important. You will want to make sure you and your trainer have similar availability in your schedules.

Now you know! Go forth and exercise! Read full blog